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“Bank on Local” signifies being an integral part of the community.

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Tapestry is addressing an unmet need and I think that’s what Resurgens is doing also. They’re addressing an unmet need in the community where people are tired of big banks, where they’re just a number.

Tonna Harris-Bosselmann - Testimonial

At Resurgens, they sat down with me, we bounced ideas off each other, and found the best terms and agreements to make it all work. I really appreciate that. I know my banker personally, and when I walk into their location they all actually know my name, which is a wonderful feeling.

DCooper2 Testimonial

One thing that really stands out about Resurgens is their expertise and knowledge. Regardless of what’s going on or how complicated it gets, they’re there every step of the way, and they know what they’re doing, which really makes our job a lot easier. For someone considering moving to Resurgens, I’d recommend you do.

Hollonbeck Still For Testimonial

We needed a banking partner, not a banking institution. Resurgens spent the time to really understand and embrace our concept, and they got behind our business goals. They helped us expand our footprint into N. Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina. So now we count on them for all our depository and loan needs.


I chose Resurgens for a home equity loan.  With Resurgens, I felt confident that I was getting a bank that was looking out for me.  The process was painless and easy to understand! I look forward to working with Resurgens in the future, and would recommend them to a friend.

Suzy Ellis Testimonial

It’s so important to have a bank that knows you well, because life moves very fast. We don’t have to stop and re-explain ourselves every time we have a conversation with them. That makes me confident they really are on our side, and they’re putting our interests at the forefront.

Beach Testimonial
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