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Tell A Friend About Our FREE Checking.

Tell your friends, family and neighbors about Simply Free Checking and our other great checking accounts at Resurgens Bank and receive a free giftlink to footnote 1.

Get permission from them to share their name and email address with us, complete the below linked form, and an email will be sent to them stating the benefits of Simply Free Checking. Let them know they will be receiving an email with a special offer from us. When they open an account, you will receive a FREE gift from us to show our appreciation.

1 Free gift may be reported on a 1099-INT or 1099-MISC. Free gift will be provided at account opening and is not subject to any time or minimum balance requirements. Delivery of this coupon to the bank at the time of account opening will allow the bank to give the referrer a gift. This also serves as a one-time waiver of privacy rights (Regulation P section 1016.10) in that the referrer will be aware of this account opening. return to footnote 

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